Deception in Business

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Of course, there is a question for readers not yet familiar with the program in detail, for example, where are the millions of customers (retailers). This is correct and important question, because all of the benefits are a consequence of the decision of the main issue with employers (retailers) and the system of sale of goods. To address this issue, we also approached from the viewpoint of the minimum of effort on the part of entrepreneur – a retailer. It turned out that this needed to change the ideology of the existing economic system. In a capitalist world as a business and enterprising man, if he can use information in order to earn on it – this is normal, respectable business.

In our opinion, this is akin to providing moral right to cheat and deceive partners. Deception can only lead to one-off effect, and further, in order to avoid the risks associated with cheating in a chain of "commodity producer – buyer (retailer)", cut a lot of brokers who act as arbitrators and take no small money for their services. But at the same time the confidence of partners does not increase. Since everywhere is the norm to be adventurous – it means to cheat. For example, I deeply unacceptable fraudulent saying: "nothing personal just business. " Those who consume it in my mind is no longer business as ", which last throughout the world.

So it turns out that if the escape from these came to us a bourgeois-democratic principles of free person can deal with such issues that the world economic (as long as the current) system and never dreamed of. In other words, the principles of full transparency and minimum energy costs, we developed a system in which all issues are resolved, and we eventually obtain the most competitive system that benefits all participants. No one on someone does not earn, no one no one crossing the road, happy customer, happy and employed – vendors. When we first time in late 2005 began to communicate with the employers (retailers), they certainly were initially in the deep doubts on anything here they want to catch? Notice how velos in people understanding that cheating is norm. But after a while entrepreneurs have begun to write us a letter in support of our programs, personal and collective, including Russian Prime Minister with a proposal to support our program by the state. After at the end of 2006 we held the first demonstration of the transaction in two regions of Russia, entrepreneurs (retailers) are now waiting for our program, seeing it as their secure future and a way out of the current oppressive difficult situation. The present world crisis only confirms all of the above. A new economic system – a turnkey solution as the global economy begin to grow in the new social and fair democratic principles in a fair and independent of the state of market competition. President of Programs senp Alexander Orlov.

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