Fans Fighting Right

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Author – new star in the sky of the metal scene is a very respectable number for a very young project more than 70 likes within 4tagen, to peaks in height from 18 to 73 can be truly listener per hour. It’s called, a metal Web radio which is as the name implies, specializes in metal of all types has. The KHS media and broadcasting production, reported a clear aim of the, this not quite visible that the name, which is also one considering special now then if it more accurately scans the Web page, find and read the highlighted text metal take the horror”. After details of the KHS media and broadcasting production, it is also the goal of poisonous sounds a Web magazine devoted to rock, metal and Gothic, and your own. is also poisonous sounds, and a project of the KHS media broadcasting production, specializing on metal sector of the music scene and thus represent another alternative to the well-known mags and Web radios.

Thus the goal metal take horror” be achieved the operator are engaged with the projects at the initiative of fans against Nazis “because it mostly right-wing extremist scene with your bands, which breathe fear and terror to the metal, this also the opinion emerges which belongs to the right-wing extremist scene of metal or to allocate at least this part. In reality, the metal scene strictly by the right-wing extremist scene and that distances itself alone for the following reasons. Metal stands for freedom metal has its origins in blues rock and know, hard rock, the blues rock in the Blues, and this is a genre of African American residents. The ideology of the extreme right-wing scene contradicts the principles of the metal scene, these are tolerance, acceptance, respect. In these 3 points alone the absolute opposite to the right-wing extremist scene is already evident that the metal and the metal scene and their music is.

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