Price Gouging Of The Mobile Service Providers Affected German Value Added Services Market

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Premiums are partially at 1,000 to 2,000 percent transparent Austrian pricing on Germany transferred. Fribourg/Bonn – the market for value-added services in the German-speaking world will grow according to the results of a study of University Friborg in the next few years continue to be significantly in the Switzerland. In the year 2005 alone, the German market therefore had a turnover of 1.65 billion euros. However, according to the study by the Department of management of the information and communication technology, the Germans spend less for value-added services, as for example, the Swiss, who are open-minded here. Study author Martin Zust expects that the value-added services will further shift from the fixed network to the mobile. Particularly interactive formats would therefore have future: the future of value added services is strong in interactive formats via all media across and not only on TV, where the audience participation plays an increasingly important role. Also the marketing departments of companies take advantage of the potential in the area of video services too little, although the possibilities are very versatile and a considerable potential exists”, so Zust. “Even if new business models on the market, experts see the value-added services differentiated: as a market undergoing” called Renatus Zilles, CEO of the Bonn value-added service provider NEXT ID the current situation.

Existing business models would have to be transferred into the all-IP world, created the conditions to develop innovative services. The convergence of telecommunications and media, as well as the convergence of fixed-line, Internet and mobile communications, previous market boundaries disappear. Of course, the money will deserves greater on the mobile Internet. But in the interest of the consumers we need already transparent and lower retail prices in classical value added service areas E.g. for calls made from mobile networks to value-added services”called Jude. Free mobile wireless operator for these value-added services offerings, pricing for that they allow only access, he sees a difference in treatment.

In some cases, it comes to excesses with price premiums of 1,000 to 2,000 percent. The cost of calls to information and services from the mobile would have to same on which from a landline. And since the regulation and the policy is needed. Zille is practised in Austria, transparent pricing. Percent for the mobile operators remain from the final customer tariff 15 to 18 in Austria. For the same performance claim up to 52 per cent’ the mobile operator in Germany, he explains the discrepancy. By the Federal Network Agency he expected a stronger regulation of this market segment and reliable framework conditions instead of the regulation of content and business models to take advantage of growth opportunities and to eliminate the price gouging of the mobile service providers. The Status quo meant not only damage to the classic”value-added services market, but have lasting negative impact on the convergent business, Advertising business of the media conglomerates. Confidence in payment systems in mobile will generally long term damaged and this could affect adversely to pay services of mobile Internet.

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