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Oliveira Leadership

The text is based mainly in the motivation and the sharing of objectives, where the participation and the interaction in the work in team start to be the basic factors for the humanizao of the enterprise activities. The workmanship intends to clarify what it comes to be leadership and its importance for the interpersonal relations, […]

Leonardo Boff

It is important to stand out despite the psycotherapy needs that a inquebrantvel faith in its results exists, as much how much for the psychotherapist as for the patient; but it is not necessary to be Christian or to be believing to reach this faith, therefore the faith appears here as way of auto-trasncendncia, and […]


Summary critical-text: The limits of the development (Walter Carlos) and Development, space and supports (Street Joo) the texts have as main points the quarrel of the limits, space and support of the global development and its consequences for humanity, such process was fruit of the effective politics, come from internal wars of the regimen of […]

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