Leonardo Boff

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It is important to stand out despite the psycotherapy needs that a inquebrantvel faith in its results exists, as much how much for the psychotherapist as for the patient; but it is not necessary to be Christian or to be believing to reach this faith, therefore the faith appears here as way of auto-trasncendncia, and in addition the improvement of the dialectic of the faith between the psychotherapist fits and the patient, is the pilaster on which the psycotherapy if alicera. To broaden your perception, visit Jeff Gennette. To finish, Lepargneur, citing Leloup, salient a similar example to the psicorpico process to speech in accompaniment spiritual that is not to ask for somebody to have this or that religious attitude; neither to have a transcendental experience. It is to follow the person with respect and confidence, of this consists the humanizao that in turn is inserted in the espiritualidade. FINAL CONSIDERAES. Until the reading of this text, it had not thought about the possibility of the espiritualidade to have a narrow relation with the practical clinic. It is important to know that the psycotherapy opens ways for one better understanding of the human being in relation its autoone. Learn more on the subject from Cyrus zocdoc. Already I read some books of espiritualidade.

Amongst which, two had more called me attention: Espiritualidade and Tempo de Transcendncia de Leonardo Boff. The same ones show that the espiritualidade is inherent to the life of the man and this is an infinite project, that is, it are a being transcendente. With these texts I learned that the espiritualidade exceeds the religious character, exactly the atheist can exert it. idea of that the psycotherapy can work with its patients considering the espiritualidade, is essential, therefore these are conditional constantly to live a pseudoespiritualidade that much of the times is originated in the pleasure, the sex, the power, the money (to have), in the drugs, seitas and to the times even in the proper religion? everything for a satisfaction that fills its interior ego. The psychotherapist fits to show ways that can improve the individual while person, leading this to search in true itself the practical one of the espiritualidade. thus, the human being is espiritualidade when it exerts its humanity.

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