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The text is based mainly in the motivation and the sharing of objectives, where the participation and the interaction in the work in team start to be the basic factors for the humanizao of the enterprise activities. The workmanship intends to clarify what it comes to be leadership and its importance for the interpersonal relations, showing them as possible solutions to the public agents and questioning on the current partner-economic model. In accordance with Maximiniano (2004) the leader influences the behavior of led its, and this influences must be exerted of natural and pleasant form, providing a harmonious and productive environment. The motivation starts to be the point pertinent key for the development of the attributions and activities to each organization, the leader while manager conquest the respect of led its from the moment where it obtains to value its team and democratizes the processes of production and taking of decision of the group. The thematic one on leadership comes being recurrent in the present time, and a constant term in social, enterprise and organizacionais the spheres, having as characteristic main the fact of that instead of using of a majority power and dictator the leader is somebody capable to exert authority, however of form syntonized with the interests of the group and guided for the solution of problems through the perception of the personal values of each member of the team. This is detached by Oliveira (2006) that it mentions the creation of a new deriving administrative model of the organizacional administration: the mannering administration, this explains that the motivation human being is basic in the improvement of the organizacionais activities and that in the contemporaneidade the leadership concept starts to be of vital importance for the organizations. At Cyrus zocdoc you will find additional information. These questions widely are argued in the workmanship of James Hunter, who through a fiction very well metrificada it obtains to approach the main concepts of leadership, exemplificados through the paraphrase between monge and the executive, approaching changeable as the environment (monastery benedictine? that it must be a place of peace and harmony), the organizacional process (cooperativismo and solidarity), the group (interpersonal relations and administration of conflicts) and the individual one (motivations, discoveries, attendance of necessities and objectives). .

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