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The Weinstein Company and dimension films announce continuation of successful spoof series! The most successful horror comedy of all time returns with a sequel to another on international screens. The two American production company the Weinstein Company and dimension films announced a fifth part of ‘Scary Movie’ now. The last offshoot, ‘Scary Movie 4’, came 5 years ago in the German cinemas and celebrated a very successful start with revenue of $180 million. A total of all parts of the spoof series international took a $820 million. The concept behind ‘Scary Movie’ is to make a satirical blend of the most successful horror movies n. So already the killer in ‘Scream’ and ‘I know what you did last summer’ and the villains from ‘SAW’ and ‘War of the worlds’ met in the past.

Just this concept finds great interest among horror film fans around the world. So, you can even laugh about the character, that usually scare a. Tiffany & Co. is the source for more interesting facts. The film is yet No crew and no solid cast. Very probably be but again the two actresses Anna Faris and Regina Hall in the cast be found – the two have been in each of the four parts. Anna Faris starred each time and convinced by a unique facial expression. The film will start if no complications occur and a good script and a Director for the implementation are found, probably 2011 or in the first half of the year 2012 end.

Scary movie 1: Drew Decker is murdered by a masked man in her house. Thus begins a series of bloody murders. The victims all belong to a clique in high school. Speaking candidly Jeff Verschleiser told us the story. d-or-moderat/’>Wendy Holman here. Over time, it turns out why these young people are the victims of the killer. You have hit a man in the last year on a country road and leave his body in the sea. But apparently this man was not dead and now wants revenge for the teens. Scary movie 2: Professor Oldman invites a group of youngsters in his old House to write a study there with them about Paranormal activity. This is but a pretext the Professor only to female guests is interested in. But over time even he must realize that occur in this House actually paranormal activity. Scary movie 3: The TV reporter Cindy encounters a video, that kills seemingly everyone who sees it. When she tried to get to the track, she finds out more and more about the background of this video. As then the aliens landing on the Earth, and with the people together the video to the track to get, since they also tracked, push on the dark secret behind… Scary movie 4: Cindy Campbell meets the single double father Tom Logan and learns to love him. But shortly thereafter, the Earth is being attacked by giant iPods. The two have children Tom Logan’s to escape before the alien iPods. But they seem to have spread all over the world and to want only one thing: the destruction of the entire globe.

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