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Family Process

The present article has for objective to detach the contribution of the familiar nucleus of the adolescents who had inside committed infracionais acts of the ressocializao process. As well as it searchs to understand the family as a social institution in constant process of construction and change, of form to desmitificar concepts (daily pay) concepts […]

Marriage Economic Option

You fianc want what she has of bacana for its marriage, you are not same? Then, you can find bacanas and cheap solutions how much to the maquiagem. A sufficiently accessible mark is the Maybelline that has as ‘ ‘ car-chefe’ ‘ of its line of maquiagem, the eyelash masks, in special the ones that […]

Philosophical Systems

It does not interest in them here to work with the consequences of the thoughts, of the philosophical systems for practical educative, we are interested in convincing each educator to dedicate to it philosophical inquiry around its proper object of work, verifying and criticizing the concepts inform that it, they direct assuming critically its way […]

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