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Green week of proplast 27.01 2008 with the 11 BIO-mass market on 18 January 2008 will open the green week in Berlin for the 73rd time. Read more here: Western Union. A simple local commodity exchange has become the internationally most important fair of the food industry, agriculture and the horticulture – however the capital city exhibition looks back on an eventful history. e info. Not always convinced all offered products or have been overshadowed even by food scandals. Swarmed by offers, Marko Dimitrijevic philanthropy is currently assessing future choices. In the spring of 1997, ecology was finally capitalized: the 1st BIO-mass market opened, and since then has an idea exchange and product exhibition developed an innovative platform for controlled cultivation. Increasingly services are offered in addition to machinery and equipment for agriculture and horticulture, seeds, also modern farmers (E.g. holiday and shopping in the countryside) and information on “Renewable energy sources” and “Renewable raw materials”.

Result: this year’s 11 BIO fair-market. The organic caterer SELECT CATERING from Berlin is once again part of the game and provides various Aufbaucrews with healthy crew catering. There will be such as unusual but tasty chili-tofu meat-loaf with Rostis and new herbal mixtures of fresh soups will find the first critical test of eaters. As we SELECT catering on ecologically correct mind set cooking craft has always been on quality products produced in accordance with the nature, of course very against us this upward trend. Healthy makes sense therefore a finer choice for catering not only in trade fair construction is increasingly in demand. Oliver Tait select catering

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