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The court may reduce the responsibility of individual managers, if he considers it too high, considering the period during which the director served position, and during which there has been unsatisfactory performance of duties; court may reduce the accountability of managers, if it considers it too high, given the peculiarity and the severity of unsatisfactory performance, other causes of forced liquidation and the way the company is liquidated, the claim by reason of misconduct, may be made only with respect to duties that were performed during the three years preceding the forced liquidation, this statutory liability is a separate and independent from the possible responsibility of the head company for failing agreement between the company and supervisor. The above also applies to heads of branches, that is, those who are responsible for the management of companies in the Netherlands – Holland, even if they are not members of the Board. Financial responsibility in the Netherlands – Netherlands Under special circumstances, the head of permanent mission of a foreign company in Netherlands – Holland, among other things can personally liable for tax debts of the company, if the taxes owed to the Dutch treasury and remain unpaid. This is – a minor liability: the principal debtor as a result of a direct company. Also, it is a company primarily has to pay taxes.

Managers are responsible for compliance with payment of all payments to the state treasury (As opposed to local taxes), such as corporate income tax, dividend tax, tax withheld from wages, and VAT (BTW), and even the company's debt payments directly to the Dutch Treasury. After only a tax office bring to justice the head for overdue taxes, imposed on the permanent establishment, the leader has to prove that the tax debt left unpaid for reasons other than him. Responsible for making a contribution to the state insurance fund in the Netherlands – the Netherlands There is also a personal responsibility regarding payment contributions to national insurance and advance payments on such deposits. Managing permanent representative offices of foreign companies in the Netherlands, jointly and severally liable for payment of the advance and contributions to government insurance. Legal liability with respect to the Trade Register in the Netherlands – Netherlands Law Netherlands – the Netherlands on the trade register provides that a person responsible for the (constant) control of the company, which is registered outside the Netherlands is obliged to duly register the company as the only branch of the company begins its work (including company name, registered its location outside the Netherlands, personal data managers and members of the supervisory board of a foreign company). If the person does not comply with these obligations, it is theoretically can be charged with an offense and be punished heavily.

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