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Carlos Mora Vanegas Argentina can not still consolidate an economy that remains always inflationary, that ensures the Argentines a good quality of life, put conflicts that infringe seriously with politics, actions that wants to take the new President Cristina Kirchner. The truth as it says in the newspaper la Nacion of Buenos Aires Joaquin Morales single, Nestor and Cristina Kirchner have convinced in the last hours that the central objective of the agrarians is the destabilization of the Government. In fact, the document of Kirchner accused them of the coups d ‘ etat that took place in this country since 1930. Cling to a little happy phrase by Eduardo Buzzi in Rosario: Los Kirchner are the obstacle to growth. What is does an obstacle? It is removed, of course, they interpret next to Kirchner. It is an elefantiasica deduction of that concept in the heat of the rostrum. Buzzi is the favorite target of the official fury.

It was a friend who was now passed to the side of the opponents. Not There is forgiveness for that class of converts. The conflict will not be resolved ever if each protagonist is awaiting an offensive phrase. Anibal Fernandez, Carlos Kunkel, Luis D Elia or Hugo Moyano have said worse things than that unfortunate phrase of Buzzi agricultural leaders. Same Kunkel denounced that Buzzi had been a Communist and that he not defended the guerrillas persecuted during the dictatorship. For more specific information, check out Jeff Verschleiser. Buzzi is a Peronist until in the way of gesturing. It says that it was never Communist. It doesn’t matter if it was or was not.

The Kunkel is seems too close to a regrettable witch hunt. Adds Morales Sola that the latest news is not good. Nestor Kirchner and peronism broke any possibility of resumption of dialogue with the agricultural producers. In the event, the field called again to protest and stoppages.

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