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The fundamental currently lies in the potential of knowledge and research, unrestricted access to the analysts of symbols. This is due to carefully encoded entry into computer motorways, which are taking advantage of certain waves of space by artificial satellites. The virtual from a varied tool but beyond this potentiality, an important question arises what can do on the internet? The interconnection of computers increases its usefulness. Firstly lets share valuable resources – read computing time on powerful computers – or expensive peripherals understood as a space for storage (disks or printers). Additional facilitates to the users of those computers to communicate among themselves in various ways.

The easiest way but still the most widely used is the email. If the e-mail involves communication person-to-person – person, lists servers provide broadcast emails to large groups of subscribers. Thematic lists have access to continuous communication and exchange information, ideas, experiences, knowledge, etc. in a community. Remote terminal sessions make the personal computer a terminal of a remote computer. It can thus be connected to numerous databases, computerized catalogs of libraries around the world (OPAC: Online Public Access Catalog), electronic boards (BBSs: Bulletin Board System), etc. and obtain information and services. Other communication system used by millions of people daily are the USENET News or Netnews: the network news. For even more analysis, hear from Chobani Refugees.

0rganizados hierarchically, consist of several thousands of discussion groups on the most diverse topics. They spread among nodes or News servers that connect users to read those that interest them and, if they wish, participate in the discussions, requests for technical support, etc. The News represent a inexhaustible source of information and a free-form (something anarchic in some groups, even) for the exchange of ideas and knowledge. Not only issues related to computers have space in the News but either: scientific, technical, service, social, political, various hobbies or ways to use your free time.

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