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Now the products are absolute * SERUM EYES & absolute * SERUM LIPS with brand new active substances exclusively online at available. More and more women get a greater importance to a beautiful smooth eye area as well as sensual, full lips. Bright eyes and plump, shapely lips symbolize more than per youth, attractiveness and sensuality. These two sections particularly affect the overall impression of the face. The eye area is younger, firmer and smoother and fuller and nice look lips, the whole person appears more attractive and youthful.

To support this, cnk * Christine Niklas has absolutely * SERUM EYES and absolutely * SERUM developed LIPS. Thanks to an innovative technology, it is cnk * Christine Niklas managed to maximum efficiency, sustainability, and best compatibility in the absolute * Sera to unite. Through the use of cutting-edge peptides in conjunction with a special hyaluronic acid by very small molecular size, which cause absolutely * Sera a real “self rejuvenation process”. Herein lies the difference to conventional products that cause only short-term effects. ABSOLUTE * SERUM EYES has a smooth, silky texture, without silicone and mineral oils are included. The perfect dosage of active ingredients provides a visible tightening of the eye area and the raising of the upper eyelid. Crow’s feet, drooping eyelids and Wrallis Elf tell be reduced by regular use.

ABSOLUTE * SERUM EYES contains no creep. Therefore, it is ideal for people with sensitive eyes and KontaktlinsentragerInnen. ABSOLUTE * SERUM LIPS increases lip volume, embellished the lip contour and lip wrinkles reduced. This is achieved through two operations which complement each other. A new peptide VOLULIP increases the body’s Hyaluronsaureproduktion by more than 100% and shapes the lips.

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