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In part because they bet in the Country the medium and long run and in part also because these headings represent a tax of I retake very interesting for eles' ' , he affirms Rabbat. adds: ' ' The problem is that these foreigners have order to leave the market with everything when appears a better chance. It was what it happened has little time, when the American tax of interests if it became more attractive and them they had left the Brazilian papers. This also had negative effect in the national market of dollar and stock market, affecting all the investors with position in these ativos' ' , Rabbat.A comments hour and the Investment fund time of the FIDCsOs in Credit Rights (FIDCs) starts to call the attention the worried institucional investors in getting more yield. In accordance with the director-executive of the Fitch Ratings, Rafael Guedes, has based options of these deep ones in recebveis of companies of some segments as oil, property, vehicles, land divisions etc.

' ' Comparing options of FIDCs with classification of similar risk with other emissions, one notices that they offer better return. This happens because this is a relatively new product in mercado' ' , it affirms Guedes.Segundo, while a risk paper ' AA' , private, it relieves 103% of the CDI on average, while headings of the government pay 100% of the CDI more or less. The FIDCs classified as ' AA' , in turn, they pay between 106% the 110% of the CDI, according to Guedes. For the director of the Austin Rating, Erivelto Rodrigues, the FIDCs is alternatives that had come to be. ' ' They represent a good option of investment with risk controlado' ' , it affirms. According to survey of the consultoria NetQuant, in the end of 2004 practically none pension fund he applied in this modality. In December of 2005, one evidenced that the FIDCs already institucionais.*Marcelo Rabbat represented 3% of wallets of fixed income of these investors is managing of the PR& , The specialized company at risk of Credit, Risk of Mercado and Consultoria de Investimento. Source: Notebook of Economy

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