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Traditionally, in a more cultural plan, ' ' participao' ' it in such a way involves the passive Participation of the expectador, as the active participation of the agent or cultural producer. However, this type of rigid definitions has come to be the exceeded one in function in a perspective that promotes the participation of the individuals in the elaboration of the Cultural Animation. I will cite as example the opinion of the pedagogical coordinator, who already is in the education has 20 years more than, that she says: ' ' The Project of the Cultural fair of the Ubaldo School Hunter has the interest in presenting the pupils, parents and comunidade' ' the importance cultural Animation. this project if not incorporated by all. it does not occasion the longed for effect, that is the Importance of the participation is an essential factor for any activity, especially inside of the school. It still argues that: culture politics that today involve the Cultures as much Cuiabana how much Grandense Fertile valley betting itself in ' ' democracy cultural' ' as tool for the partner-cultural development of the community.

In broad sense, the objective is to look the plural development of the one of this culture in a direct relation with its proper necessities. In this conception, the potential public is much more of what a spectator. They are people who today hear very on this pantry of the world, substituting the classic of cururu, siriri amongst others for the process of public mediating producer/for creation/participation/enjoyment. This activity goes to guarantee to the pupils the access to the cultural goods by means of permanent public services or not, in this in case that It acts pantry, city halls in such a way of Cuiab and industrial city great fertile valley, at last even though to pass for the public archive and libraries. Thus knowing history, things of the gift and possibly what this pantry has to offer and what in fact will be able to move. the politics for the sector cultural they tend to stimulate the participation of all in the creation and the spheres of decisions, being guaranteed one cultural politics distanciada of the typical standards of clientelismo or guardianship. Thus, the politics of ' ' animation cultural' ' it must be ' ' fortified for the cultural action of the communities, the social movements and populares' '.

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