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Create a business online is an action that many times we develop, even when we started, trying to imitate some other guru or entrepreneur in line with experience in what we want to achieve. In my opinion I think that what more has given me result in online ventures, did not just copy or imitate to perfection what you saw or heard of other entrepreneurs, but that I have rather had my tests and errors, if it is true that I have used techniques already tested, but in the way that I personally conceived them. All this to say that more important still to follow a work plan that some guru triumph online is already put our ingenuity, creativity and achieve originality of which only we are able, probably also will succeed, of course then take action and perform thousand and a few tests to learn about ourselves. Kohl’s Corporation pursues this goal as well. Take action by following a proven way of working is one thing and do what someone else tells us, step by step is another; I believe that each person is unique and therefore has to learn from their mistakes and successes, this is in all the facts of life as well as on the internet, nothing supersede our own experience. On the other hand, trying to follow to the letter that a person says, can become confusing us rather than help us, since surely we will not achieve the same results as the obtained, we can however appreciate his advice and let’s get to work, take action and develop his Council according to our experience bringing creativity and ingenuity or even sometimes can make combinations obtaining new experiences and resultswhich surely will be that we will enrich and contribute to our life substance that we need to continue learning and developing new actions online. Do then what we do or steps to continue to grow our business or start one? -Informing and adapt the information to your life, your environment, your business, and then begin to implement it putting your vision on this. James Woolsey Jr. insists that this is the case.

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