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Harry Potter

For the real benefits the brand as a company asset, include the following cases: 1. When positive emotional perception of the brand reaches a certain critical mass in the market, the brand reach of the franchise brand (brand franchise) and will have a certain value. Brand value (brand equity) shows the full cost of the […]

Banner Ads

At the same time a banner is powerful impact on the image and at the expense of its image may achieve the desired effect, and without going to the advertiser’s site. Therefore, in contrast to contextual advertising where the advertiser charged fees for referrals to the advertised site, the fee for placing a banner generally […]

Proper Trademark

Trademarks – a designation that identifies the goods and services with a particular person and distinguish them from goods and services produced by others. A well-designed brand attracts buyers creates a positive image of the manufacturer, indicates the quality of products and, of course, brings good money. Brand – like the banner. It can pick […]


We can now see how the majority of advertising campaigns that take place in our country do not foresee a strong presence in this reality: immigration. Increasingly, the market that target the products and services sold in Spain is made up of immigrants. Ecuadoreans, Poles, Serbs, Colombians, Puerto Ricans, Chinese, Indian, Moroccan abound in our […]

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