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Possible Energy

Ice catching fire and serving of power plant. Thing of film? Not, it exists and if it calls: Clatrato de Metano.O clatrato of methane is an ice that imprisons great amounts of gas methane (CH4). To have an idea, 168 liters of gas methane can be imprisoned in 1 liter of clatrato of methane. The […]

Economic Zonings

Of these Demographic Situations they result the Tipologias Territorial, that are joint of systematic characteristics that one determined territory presents, and that it allows to classify it in function of its general demographic behavior and of its urban and agricultural trends. After that, criteria are considered to compare the different degrees of economic dynamisms, and […]

The Economist

With the sismolgicos abalos occurrences north-eastern of degree 4, become necessary some preventive orientaes to the Brazilian population for eventual situations of land tremors. In the degree the 4 people are with fear, in the 5 people have certain difficulty in taking certain precautions, in degree 6 superior the people alone obtain to gatinhar, in […]


Rotterdam is a city that stands out for its modern architecture. World War II left the historic centre of Rotterdam practically destroyed, so we do not find the charm of other cities as Amsterdam with its old houses, the small streets full of bazaars, markets, shops, museums and the atmosphere they generated. Everything is well […]

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