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Jeovons Economic

Jeovons says that (1996, p.69) ‘ ‘ we must understand for good any object, substance, action or service that are capable to provide pleasure or to move away suffering (). Everything what is capable to generate pleasure or to prevent suffering can possess utilidade.’ ‘ If on the other hand the indiscriminate exploration of the […]

Meirelles Son

Essassociedades massificadas occupies, mainly, the urban centers of grandescidades entrecortadas for acute partner-economic and ambient contradictions, making pressure> diuturna on the existing natural resources in regions ondea majority of the countries is extremely poor or, when very, of economiaemergente (MEIRELLES SON, 2006). Material and cultural Asatisfao of these urban societies massificadascondiciona all an equally massiva […]

Global Positioning

Nowadays the tourism is an activity that are present in all the countries, from this sector of the economy come high income, of which many people estan interested in carrying out some tourist project or constructing hotels, timesharings, hosterias, travel agencies etc. The genrera tourism or rather has many niches of market to operate and […]

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