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Determining requirements for specialist businesses should come from professional and impersonal entities. To do this they should start with a business plan, pointing to it, what profession is required for each step, and who owns these professions. The organizational plan should consist of two parts, one on the inner and the other – external assistance. In determining the internal support entrepreneurs need to identify who that does, who has what authority, and who obeys whom. No organizational plan is not complete without an organizational chart. This scheme delineates responsibility and authority and binds a variety of positions.

In the process of selecting suitable employees entrepreneurs should consider not only the job descriptions, but also the presence or absence of features such as flexibility and willingness to perform various types of work. In determining their needs for external support entrepreneurs need to describe exactly what kinds of professional and managerial services they need. Two sources for assistance in the management advice is directors and management consultants. Accounting. Accounting allows entrepreneurs to make better decisions by providing them with information necessary to manage the firm. Among other things, accounting allows businesses to find out how profitable their business and how intelligently they ordered the funds entrusted to them by investors and lenders. System accounting does not need improvement. There is the most perfect system of accounting that is applicable to any business – large or small. The final product of accounting – this is the following financial statements: profit and loss account, which shows how profitable enterprise for a certain period, a balance sheet indicating the financial health of the company at the moment, cash budget, predicting outflow or inflow of funds in the company; In order to dismantle the system of accounting for the firm, the entrepreneur should seek help from an accountant.

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