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The equipment allows to prepare the grain (to clear it of surface layer of the fruit coat and mineral mud), to bring grain to germination stage embryo (revitalization), to prepare a fine, grain weight, which is the main part of the test. Unfortunately, this kind of equipment does not have the versatility and can not make ordinary flour products that do not really like modern producers of bread. That affect current market dictates the conditions. And in many ways problem with the equipment solved quite easily. Tulip Retail contains valuable tech resources. Manufacturers expand the range of bakery products through the use of compounds and additives for the production of non-traditional varieties, such as whole grain bread. Such bread produced by traditional technology, most rapid way using modern equipment.

In this article we would like to highlight the features that should be considered when choosing equipment for the production of bread with additives. Dough – a key success factor for dough – this is one of the main stages of the process, because batch quality guarantees a good performance future product. For bread with additives is very important to avoid heating the test, because it affects the skeleton fibrinous, bread loses volume and fluffiness. It is therefore necessary to use spiral mixers, providing promes even for a short time. Many professional spiral mixers are designed for Italian manufacturer of intense dough, including the various additives. There are models with fixed or movable bowl and Overturning. Two mixing speeds can reduce the cooking time test in 2-fold compared with single-speed counterparts.

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