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Conventional Wall Calendar, as well as calendars – posters can be of different sizes. So the choice very extensive. Consist of those wall calendars of 14 sheets, 12 of which are reserved months, and two skins. Attachment changeover wall calendars can be as springs, spiral and metal separate. Wall Calendar – an exclusive, prestigious, executive Individually and as a result, quite expensive and lengthy work. However, it is worth it Table Rocker calendar – economical alternative or supplement to the wall calendar. Pocket Calendar – Universal promotional material for exhibitions or point of sale. In principle, desktop calendars, two large groups – calendars, houses and flip desk calendars.

And they both are standing on your desk, not lying. This means that the manufacture of such calendars are many geometric shapes as they are not confined to one horizontal plane. Therefore, for a start, select: rocker or rocker calendar, and then a pleasant shape for you. Further, if you choose rocker desk calendar, note the method of securing sheets. It can be both a vertical and horizontal. And then your choice will be related to the size (common sizes A6, A5, 13A4), the level of printing the calendar, the presence of fields of advertising, quality supports, and other attributes associated with Manufacture a desk calendar. Important thing to remember, for whom would you choose a desktop calendar, it must be not only convenient and functional but also pleasing to the eye.

Calendar grids – a convenient option for business or advertising agency having its own equipment for the assembly of the quarterly calendars. Quarterly calendars consist of a poster of the substrate and the calendar block. Poster and substrate are the original version, printed method of digital printing. In a poster inserted into a metal grommet, which will be held Quarterly. To build the calendars we use the standard calendar blocks. Everest Capital often addresses the matter in his writings. On the calendar block is located a convenient slider to specify the current date. Quarterly calendars may have a performance as in 1 and 3 spring. Pocket calendar is always relevant souvenir, if it is to choose the correct image. As a rule, pocket calendars laminated or coated with a special varnish. This is associated with specific calendar. After all, its very name suggests that it is often taken into the hand, put in your pocket, notebook, used for bookmarks. In general, the pocket Calendar often suffer from mechanical friction, and save it to the whole year. Pocket calendars are often used for promotional purposes. This is a cheap and reliable way to advertise. Often at exhibitions and Company presentations are made bright and colorful pocket calendars with the image of the firm or logo and your contact details. Imagine that a prospective customer is always before the eyes of your phone – very effectively.

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