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Graphically, the characters can be represented by any object: a house, wood, earth, any object, as well as a phenomenon, a process thought. Hieroglyphs, cuneiform letters – a way to transfer information signs. The image circle, triangle, square, carries certain information, regardless of what language we speak, regardless of our feelings and knowledge. Many of the symbols are standard. As the figures exist since ancient times, the millennium.

Changed the state, languages, philosophies, knowledge, information digits only remained primordial. Each figure, the number of bears their information to reflect certain qualities. Just numbers – the abstract, but knowing the language of digital characters, you can open the wonderful world of interaction phenomena, the deep nature of things. This world is deep and diverse extending to infinity of the universe. As knowing letters of the alphabet, you have the books to get any information about the world, so knowing the value of digits and numbers, you will have access to the concealment of meaning of objects and phenomena.

A certain set of letters of the word means. Each letter corresponds to a certain figure. The word carries the information, and a number of figures carries the information. Numerology – an esoteric science of understanding the spiritual significance of the manifestations of the material world. If you look around – the numbers around you everywhere, they are increasingly part of our lives: telephone number, houses, apartments, price, bank accounts, itn, etc. The figure is more capacious information than a letter. Space, we measure numbers – measures of length.

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