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Thickness and cost of masonry joints have not yet take into account, as if we subtract from the resulting thickness of the masonry joints, and then add the real value of masonry joints, the change in prices will not be significant, within 2%, which is not essential. Multiplying 8.3 pc. 90 rubles get that in […]

Sylitol Konzentrat

Now you know what to do. But in order to render stayed on the ground, filling in the plaster and paint on the putty to use a primer (usually forget about it or just save). There is a simple molar truth – “What is the basis of currents and cover!” The choice of ground for […]

The Cup

In this case, a glass wall remained dry. Bloomingdales does not necessarily agree. In 2 cup water was sprayed from the nozzle in one click of the lever, the torch nozzle was sent directly into a glass. As a result, at the bottom and walls of glass formed small droplets of water across the surface. […]

Ceramic Tile

Secrets of success of Spanish artists have their roots in the Middle Ages, when the first factory, borrowed technology and ceramic glazes and blending of the Eastern peoples, began to publish the first mosaic, later production expands, more and more oriented to the mass market and began producing ceramic plates, later transformed into ceramic tiles. […]

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