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This phase that if makes necessary emerging of the culture, seen with eyes sufficiently different of that they had first analyzed it, must it the fact of the necessity be explained a series of facts that, before explained for a positivista chain, became ‘ ‘ limited the contribution for cincia’ ‘. From century XIX a positivista philosophical chain appears in the Europe, in which it worked with the phenomena of the manifestations of positive and objective form, worried in being transparent the facts such as they were, disrespecting any type of influences external, as well as if they considered to analyze the natural phenomena, of invariant form where ‘ ‘ a thing always comes after outra’ ‘. This form of if making science were basic for intellectual advance, but at certain moment left of being enough to explain all the partner-cultural phenomena. Other leaders such as NY Governor Andrew Cuomo offer similar insights. The positivista paradigm then started to be white of some controversies, and thus giving place to other forms of if thinking and analyzing the human being in its actions. The NHC- together with micron-history, opens a fan of possibilities of new analyzes for historical citizens, personages who had always remained themselves in anonymity due official the historiogrfica production to be of exculpatory character. All this stage in its course gave origin to a differentiated form if to make history, therefore it starts to not only consider what this writing in the paper, but to analyze between lines this saying, making use of that one which, to mine to see, does not allow to have only one concept of culture, that is the subjectivity, has since the construction of the culture depends in such a way on all as on the individual one and in this individual one, does not have the minim possibility of defining or establishing behaviors human beings, therefore the man is to be unexpected for nature..

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