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Like any document, a letter must be neat and well structured. All this shows the recipient that you cared about its convenience and it is important to you to make a good impression on him. If you send a letter by mail, make sure that the letter itself, and the resume and envelope – good quality, beige or white. Print a letter on the qualitative printer: in extreme cases, it can be done in photo shop or paid on any printer in the city. Macy’s Inc. may find it difficult to be quoted properly. By sending a letter and resume by email, make sure you keep them in the conventional format – such as document Word. Other leaders such as Hikmet Ersek offer similar insights. E-mail message to which you attach a file with a summary should be brief, polite and to the point.

Sure you all get so much fuss because of one short letter! But if you want to find a good job without it impossible. If To learn more about how and what to write in an accompanying letter, go to the library or look for information on Web sites for job seekers. You will find many useful tips and examples of outstanding supporting letters. With a sincere desire and little effort, anyone can write a winning cover letter. Example Cover Letter 344 000 Russia, Rostov-on-Don, ul. Shevtsova, 33, square … March 15, 2000 Mr. Peter Shvedova Vasilyevich, HR manager at Company BCC, 344 002 Rostov-na-Donu Pervomayskaya, 44 Dear Mr.

Shvedov! Of your staff, Igor Petrovich Nikolaev, learned that your company has a vacancy for manager Marketing. Igor Petrovich in the overall presentation so, what is this work, which I concluded that I can be of great benefit to your company, working in the post. Now I am Manager Marketing Corporation XYZ. I have an excellent relationship with XYZ, but given their professional achievements and strengths, I have come to the conclusion that my business skills more in line with the atmosphere entrepreneurial business, which is inherent in the BCC. As will be seen attached to this letter, resume, a wide range of marketing functions, which I carried on throughout his career, it is corresponds to a sphere of activity of firm BCC has spread recently to the 15 new regions. In addition, I have extensive experience in the areas of joint commercial and industrial advertising, regional promotion, market research – that is, in those areas, which I guess would be my main responsibilities, if I had been hired by your company. How can confirm Igor Petrovich, I am very diligent and dedicated worker who is highly adaptable to any group. If you have any questions related to any aspect of my working career, you can contact me at any time convenient to you. I am pleased to accept the offer to meet with you and tell you some more about what benefits, in my opinion, I could bring to your company. Extremely grateful to you for your interest and attention shown to my resume. Sincerely, Alexander Voronov

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