Soil Winter

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In this case, perform the following additional requirements: the land around the plant, slated for transplant, as well as in places of their transplant to keep from freezing by loosening and filling with dry leaves, loose soil, Dry powdery snow or hide insulated mats made from scrap materials (firewood, straw, boards, etc.), sites of plants should be prepared immediately before planting, the plant must installed in a pit on the 'pillow' of unfrozen soil, backfilling around the coma, and bare root system must be made of melting ground, for the transplant with a lump may be an admixture of frozen lumps not larger than 15 cm in not more than 10% of the total number of buried soil, lumps of frozen soil should not be concentrated in one place when planting a bare root system, the use of frozen soil is not allowed; after planting should be made watering holes and shelter from freezing; garter planted trees should be done in the spring. Transplanting trees and shrubs with a frozen lump of the winter allowed at or below -15 C. Degree of stability and a better survival rate during winter transplant trees and shrubs with a frozen lump of the numerous observations of tree species can be arranged in the following order (From best to worst): larch, spruce, barbed, Norway spruce, Scots pine, mountain ash, small-leaved lime, apple Siberian, birch and downy, maple yasenelistny, Canadian poplar, elm ordinary, Norway maple. When winter transplant trees and shrubs with a frozen lump of possible irrigation water after planting. Established that the freezing coma leads to excessive desiccation and breaking his moisture content of root system of plants. Watering after planting in the winter you can restore the water balance and accelerate the thawing of the soil clod and touch it with the rest of the soil environment. Areva takes a slightly different approach.

After planting arrange around-trunk well. After the soil settlement add melted vegetable land surface wells leveling and insulate the plants. To do this within the boundaries of the well evenly 20 – 25 cm pour vegetable land or shallow peat pour a layer of snow 40 – 50 cm in spring after the thaw of the soil all the plants of the winter planting should be checked. The slope straighten, but do not sling a barrel, and excavations of the earth on the back side of the slope to the bottom coma. Then dig through the bottom, whom gently lowered into place in vertical position of plants and plant the ground to sleep with careful packing. Plants enhance stretching that attaches to the barrel with straps pads. Laid in early spring to around-trunk during the winter planting holes are insulated material must be removed and constructed wells for irrigation. The plants should be established regular care.

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